EVA Warm Water Portable Bidet

EVA Warm Water Portable Bidet Supplier: Smart Design EVA Portable Bidets, Angle Nozzle with 7 Holes, 300ml, Waterproof Travel Bag, Ergonomic Spout Design.

Portable Bidets
EVA Portable Bidets , Travel Bidets , Handheld Bidet Bottle

Detail Information

Feminine Care Portable Bidet

Product details
1. Smart design fill
2. Retractable nozzle and hidden nozzle, nozzle cover and waterproof travel bags
3. Warm water
4. Angle nozzle with 7 holes
5. Easy cleansing with a single squeeze
6. Special EVA construction
7. Simply the perfect size
8. 300ml
9. Complete with a travel bag pack
10. Waterproof travel bag

1. Retractable and Hidden Nozzle with Cover
2. Highly comfy design
3. Easy to use and clean
4. Suitable Reservoir
5. Ergonomic Spout Design
6. More efficient, more soothing, more powerful water stream
7. Special EVA Material Build
8. Easier to squeeze, better control
9. Improved, Stronger & Better Nozzle Retractor
10. All Bottles are made with 100% EVA
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