400ml Portable Bidet Sprayer

Portable Bidet Sprayer Factory: Comfort Height Portable Bidet Sprayers, 400ml, Soft EVA Bottle, ABS and PP Cover, Retractable Spray Nozzle, Comfort Height.

Portable Bidets
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Detail Information

400ml Portable Bidet Sprayer

Product detail:
1. Comfort Height
2. 60 degrees warm water
3. Color: White, or customized
4. Material: EVA bottle, ABS and PP cover
5. Volume: 400ml
6. Shape: Round
7. Travel bag: Optional

Product Features:

1. Retractable spray nozzle
2. Soft EVA bottle with an air hole on its bottom makes it very easy to be squeezed
3. Apply to pregnant, puerperal, patients or elderly care, baby diapers change, hemorrhoids patients, etc.

How to Use the Travel Bidet

1. Fill the warm water or faucet water into the bottle and screw the bottle lid onto the bottle tightly.
2. Pull the nozzle out with your fingernail carefully.
3. Squeeze the bottle body with your hand for spraying when the nozzle point in the correct direction.
4. Push the nozzle back into the bottle once the washing is done.
5. Take off the bottle lid and shake the surplus water out of the bottle to ensure the bottle is clean and dry.
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