400ml EVA Portable Handheld Travel Bidet

EVA Portable Handheld Travel Bidet Manufacturer: 400ml EVA Travel Bidets, ABS and PP cover, Round Shape, Soft EVA Bottle, Personnel and Portable, Blue Color.

Portable Bidets
EVA Portable Bidets , ABS Plastic Portable Bidets , PP Plastic Portable Bidets

Detail Information

EVA Portable Bidet

Item Name: Portable bidet
Color: Blue
Material: EVA bottle, ABS and PP cover
Volume: 400ml
Shape: Round
Package: White box or color for choose, PE bag
Travel bag: Optional

1. More comfortable and save the toilet paper
2. Female will avoid the residue in panties and prevent the inflammation of gynecology from bacteria into the vagina & urethra
3. More hygienic and comfortable to avoid the peculiar smells and prevent various inflammation of gynecology
4. User-friendly Design
5. 400ml super capacity, only inject one time for thorough clean
6. Personnel and portable. Easy to carry when you go out
7. Spray at 60 degrees from the nozzle to body for easier use with more gentle water
8. Apply to pregnant women, puerperal, patients or elderly care, baby diapers change, hemorrhoids patients, etc.
9. Soft EVA bottle with a plus air hole on its bottom, making it very easy to be squeezed
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