Metal T-Adapter for Manual Bidet

Enhance your plumbing setup with our meticulously crafted T-Adapter, constructed from high-grade brass. Complete with a durable PU hose and angle valve, this adapter boasts a sleek chrome finish for added style. Rest assured of its quality and safety, as it is certified with CE, ROHS, and FCC standards. Upgrade your plumbing system today with confidence.

Bidet Fittings
Bidet T-adapters , Metal T-adapters , PU Hoses

Detail Information

Main Features and Specifications:
Fabricated Metal T-Adapter designed specifically for manual bidets, facilitating water connection. 

Premium Metal T-Adapter for Bidet Systems
Crafted from high-grade brass, ensuring durability and resistance to rust, this latest T-Adapter valve stands as the optimal solution for your bathroom needs. Prior to installation, ensure your toilet tank's water inlet diameter measures 7/8 Inch to accommodate this set.
Item Name T-adapter
Material Brass
Size 7/8 Inch x 7/8 Inch x7/8 Inch
Finished Chrome
Application For Bidets
Warranty time 1 year

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