Elongated Electric Bidet Toilet Seat, Self-cleaning

Discover our Self-cleaning Electric Bidet Seat designed for Elongated Toilets. Featuring removable nozzle tips for enhanced cleaning and a seamless telescoping lid design, it offers optimal hygiene and convenience for your bathroom routine.

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Detail Information

Experience the convenience of our electric bidet, featuring adjustable spray volume for personalized comfort. With independent self-cleaning dual nozzles, it ensures effective front and back cleansing. 

The "No Slam" slow-close seat and lid add user convenience, while the one-push removable seat facilitates easy cleaning of both the seat and bowl. Its seamless telescoping lid design conceals the seat ring for a sleek look. 

Mounting hardware, water supply hose, and seat are included for easy installation. Compatible with most conventional elongated toilets, it also features removable nozzle tips for additional cleaning. With adjustable water pressure and an efficient control knob, this bidet seat enhances bathroom efficiency while contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage. Combining performance and aesthetics, it's the perfect addition to your bathroom.

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