Handheld Portable Bidet Sprayer, Rust Resistant

We Provide Handheld Portable Bidet Sprayers, Portable Handheld Bidet sprayers for Toilet Installation, and Flexible, Durable and Rust-resistant.

Bidet Sprayers
Portable Handheld Bidets , Handheld Bidet Sprayers , Handheld Bidets

Detail Information

Handheld portable bidet sprayer for toilet installation

1. With handheld bidet sprayer head
2. Flexible, durable and rust-resistant bidet sprayer head made of premium quality ABS
3. Resists scratch, corrosion, leaking and assures long time performance
4. For baths, SPA or shower spray, pregnancy and postpartum cleaning use
5. Perfect solution for everyday personal hygiene
6. Great water pressure control
7. Self-closing, super convenient
8. Easy Installation
9. Package includes a High-quality hand-held bidet sprayer, stainless steel bidet hose, and wall-mounted sprayer holder (Wall-mounted, hook up to toilet tank). 
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