2 in 1 Bidet Sprayer Set

2 in 1 Bidet Sprayer Set Factory: Non-electric Bidet Attachments, White Water Droplet-shaped Handle, Double Nozzles, Cold Water, ABS Plastic, 5mm Thickness.

Bidet Sprayers
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Detail Information

2 in 1 Bidet Sprayer Set

Product Details:
1. Non-electric Bidet Attachment
2. White Water Droplet-shaped Handle
3. Double Nozzles
4. Cold Water Connection
5. Water Pressure Control
6. Reduce Toilet Paper Consumption
7. Plastic Valve
8. Material: ABS plastic Bidet, Plastic or metal T-adaptor, Plastic Tube with Plastic Nut
9. Color: White color body
10. 5mm thickness

1. Excellent way to help relieve and reduce any hemorrhoids issues
2. For all adults, children and seniors
3. Rear cleaning with nozzles
4. Self-cleaning
5. Perfect daily hygiene
6. Quick and simple installation
7. Installation hardware included
8. Ambient water temperature spray
9. Non-electric for safety & wiring required enables simple installation
10. Easy to Install & Detach
11. Two in one combination
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