Multifunctional Hand Bidet Set

Multifunctional Hand Bidet Set Supplier: Handheld Bidet Sets, Chrome Finished, ABS Plastic Sprayer, Stainless Steel Hose, Self-cleaning, Blast-proof, Leak-proof Hose.

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Multifunctional Hand Bidet Sets

Item Name: Hand Bidet Sets
Finish: Chrome
Material: ABS Plastic sprayer, stainless steel bidet hose, stainless steel sprayer holder
Hose size: 47 inches G1/2"
T-adapter size: G7/8" female, G7/8" male, G1/2" male
Suitable place: Bathroom, Toilet
Suitable use for PP Bath, Pet Wash, Cloth Wash, Wash Floor, Water Flower
Package: White box or color to choose

1. Multifunctional for toilet cleaning, diaper cleaning, personal hygiene, shattaf Muslim shower or jet spray, baby shower, etc.
2. 120cm Stainless steel, double-lock system, and EPDM inner tube
3. Flexible hose, blast-proof, leak-proof
4. Easy to install, without plumbers
5. Simple design, suitable for any bathroom
6. 48-hour salt spray test keeps a Shiny & glossy look
7. Self-cleaning
8. Also use as baby cloth diaper sprayers, dog shower sprayers
9. Toilets cleaning, potty seat bowls cleaning
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