Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Home Toilet

Discover the ultimate hygiene solution with our Handheld Bidet Sprayer featuring 2 water pressure modes and ergonomic handle buttons for ease of use. Adjustable water pressure ensures personalized comfort, backed by reliable after-sales service. Experience cleanliness like never before.

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Featuring 2 Water Pressure Modes

Our handheld bidet sprayer offers two distinct water pressure modes: Jet Spray and Soft Spray. Effortlessly control the water pressure using the ergonomic handle buttons, ensuring thorough cleanliness and promoting a healthier personal hygiene routine.

Adjustable Water Pressure

Tailor the water stream pressure to your preference with the conveniently placed lever on the T-valve. Whether you're using it as a bidet sprayer or for other purposes, easily adjust the knob to achieve the desired level of water pressure. Remember to turn it off after each use for peace of mind.

Welcome to Our Innovation-Driven Factory

We are a forward-thinking factory specializing in bidet seats, toilet seat lids, and bidet attachments. Our expertise lies in OEM, ODM, and IDM projects, providing innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Backed by an innovative R&D team, comprehensive assembly lines, rigorous quality control systems, and reliable after-sales service, we ensure customer satisfaction and enhance our partners' competitiveness.

Committed to innovation, our products continuously enhance bathroom experiences and uphold hygiene standards. With industry-leading product lines and patented inventions, our bidets are popular across the globe, including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

At our factory, your requirements are our priority. We take your concerns seriously and strive to turn your ideas into reality, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Welcome to explore our offerings, where every detail matters, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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