Multi-Functional Handheld Bidet Sprayer with Pressure Control

Our handheld bidet sprayer offers jet spray and soft spray modes, perfect for cloth diaper cleaning, menstrual and pregnant women, pets showering, and personal hygiene. Upgrade your bathroom experience with versatile functionality and precise water pressure control.

Bidet Sprayers
Handheld Bidet Sprayers , Bidet Sprayer for Toilet

Detail Information

Experience versatility with our handheld bidet sprayer designed for toilet use, offering two distinct modes: Jet Spray and Soft Spray. The transition between modes effortlessly by rotating the sprout, catering to various needs such as cleaning cloth diapers, toilets, showering pets, and personal hygiene, particularly beneficial for women during pregnancy and menstrual cycles.

Convenient Slide Adjustment

Our handheld cloth diaper sprayer features a slide adjustment switch, allowing precise control over water pressure. With this innovative function, there's no need to continuously press a lever; simply slide it to your desired position.

About Us

We are a leading manufacturing factory based in China, specializing in research, development, production, and sales of bidet attachments, bidet seats, and sprayers. Our facility spans across 2,700 square meters.

Driven by the principles of innovation, professionalism, and integrity, we've developed and designed seven series comprising nearly 100 types of bidet attachments, along with two series of bidet seats (Elongated and Round bidet seats) and Heated bidet seats. Furthermore, to cater to diverse customer preferences, we continuously innovate, including the development of sprayers.

Our ultra-thin design sets trends in the bidet manufacturing industry, addressing existing market limitations through innovative internal structure designs. This ensures easier installation, enhanced comfort, and a sleek, fashionable appearance, marking our products as both modern and timeless.

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