Multi-function Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Elevate your bathroom experience with our Handheld Bidet Sprayer. Designed for optimal hygiene, it features a Hip and Feminine Washer Function, along with an Integrated Filter for purity. Its Sleek Appearance adds a touch of elegance to any restroom while the Adjustable Hydraulic Features ensure personalized comfort.

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Detail Information

Multi-functional Handheld Bidet Sprayer

A versatile handheld bidet sprayer designed for various purposes. With its sleek appearance and adjustable hydraulic features, this handheld bidet sprayer offers convenience and cleanliness like never before.

Handheld Bidet - Easy Disassembly with Integrated Filter

Featuring a bidet and sprayer switching function, this device offers a range of functionalities. When utilized for bidet purposes, it provides simultaneous hip and feminine washing, catering to the hygiene needs of women, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum stages.

Switching to the sprayer function, it serves multiple purposes including toilet cleaning, pet bathing, floor washing, sink rinsing, and even baby diaper cleaning.

Product Features:

The innovative design merges functionality with aesthetics, combining a bidet with a traditional fixed faucet waterway, resulting in a two-in-one handheld bidet. This design facilitates both personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness.

Adjustable water pressure ensures compatibility with varying water pressure levels worldwide, allowing users to regulate water flow for optimal performance. Despite its compact and lightweight build, it delivers exceptional cleaning efficiency with no unreachable corners.

Equipped with a built-in filter, this handheld bidet sprayer effectively removes tiny impurities from water, ensuring a safer and cleaner experience. The detachable filter can be cleaned, maintaining safety and hygiene standards while addressing health concerns.

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