Bamboo Knob Bidet Attachment, Environmental Protection

We Provide Bamboo Knob Bidet Attachments, Bamboo Knob Detachable Bidet Attachments, Double Nozzles, Non-electric, and Health Care for Pregnancy.

Bidet Attachments
Double-Nozzle Bidet Attachments , Non-electric Bidet Attachments , Switch Knob

Detail Information

Bamboo knob bidet attachment double nozzle

1. Double nozzle
2. Detachable bidet attachemnt for toilet
3. Non-electric bidet attachment
4. Easy to install
5. Environmental Protection
6. Effectively reduce the use of toilet paper
7. Simple Installation
8. No Need for Electricity
9. For your loved ones
10. Worth all the tenderness
11. Protect your intimate health
12. Create a comfortable experience.
13. Health care for pregnancy
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