Bathroom Toilet Stool, Squatty Potty

Introducing our Non-Slip Plastic Portable Stool designed for bathroom use. This multifunctional stool, available in three vibrant colors, is suitable for both adults and children. Its non-slip surface ensures safety and stability, making it perfect for various bathroom activities. Upgrade your bathroom with this versatile and practical stool today!

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Detail Information

Enhanced Stability: Crafted with a rubber-textured surface, this stool ensures slip-free usage, whether you prefer wearing shoes or not, providing added stability and safety.

Optimal Height: Standing at a comfortable 7.2 inches, this stool accommodates the needs of the entire family, including seniors, kids, and expectant mothers, ensuring a comfortable experience for all.

No-Fuss Setup: Say goodbye to complicated installations and tools. Made from premium plastic, this stool is effortlessly cleaned with a cloth or water rinse, offering simplicity and convenience.

Promote Digestive Health

Scientifically proven to enhance colon health and alleviate symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, and bloating, this squatting toilet stool facilitates efficient elimination, resulting in shorter bathroom visits.

According to Dr. Hadip Singh, a gastroenterologist at St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange, California, using a footstool can be beneficial for patients with constipation.

"The underlying principle behind the effectiveness of a footstool is straightforward," explains Dr. Singh. "The natural angle between the anus and rectum facilitates controlled defecation. By utilizing a squatting tool, we can optimize this alignment, promoting more effective bowel movements."

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