Chrome Toilet Mounted Handheld Bidet Sprayer

We Provide Chrome Toilet Mounted Handheld Bidet Sprayers, Chrome Handheld Bidets with Bidet Attachments, and Non-electric, Hygienic and Ecofriendly, Anti-burst Hose.

Bidet Sprayers
Handheld Bidet Sprayers , Handheld Bidets , Chrome Bidet Sprayers

Detail Information

Handheld bidet with bidet attachment

1. Chrome toilet-mounted handheld bidet sprayer
2. Non-electric handheld bidet
3. A precision sprayer designed for personal comfort
4. Hygienic and Ecofriendly
5. Easy Installation
6. Ergonomic sprayer's unique curved design
7. With an ideal angle for targeted cleaning
8. Anti-burst Hose
9. Quality 304 stainless steel hose for enhanced durability, oxidation and corrosion resistance
10. High-density braided reinforcement to enhance the leak-proof and filtration effect
11. Hygienic and Ecofriendly
12. Reduce paper use for hygienic and eco-friendly
13. Convenient for a variety of washing activities
14. Particularly ideal for women during pregnancy and menstrual cycles
15. With all necessary accessories for easier installation
16. Finish the installation in a few minutes with tool-free
17. Fit for most standard US toilets.
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