2-in-1 Bidet Attachment for Toilet

We Provide 2-in-1 Bidet Attachment Supplier: Non-electric 2-in-1 Bidet Attachments for Toilets with Handheld Bidet Sprayer, Adjustable T-valve Control.

Bidet Attachments
Non-electric Bidet Attachments , Non-Electric Bidets , Handheld Bidet Attachments

Detail Information

2-in-1 bidet attachment for toilet with handheld bidet sprayer

1. Handheld bidet
2. Luxury design
3. Non-electric
4. Ergonomical shape, very comfortable to hold
5. For women or men
6. PET shower sprayer
7. Cloth diapers
8. Heavy-duty solid brass bidet hand sprayer wand and T-valve
9. Sealed ceramic disc valve
10. Adjustable T-valve control
11. Perfect Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer
12. Easy Installation, No Plumbers Required
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