Heated Self-sufficient Bidet Attachment for Toilet

We Provide Heated Self-sufficient Bidet Attachments, Heated Bidet Attachments for Toilets, Hygienic Protection, Self-cleaning, and 3 Cleaning Modes.

Bidet Attachments
Heated Bidet Seat , Self-cleaning Bidet Attachments , Non-electric Bidet Attachments

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Warm water Bidet attachment for toilet 

1. Heated bidet attachment
2. Non-electric
3. Bottom Usage
4. Hygienic toilet tool for bathroom accessories
5. More hygienic way of washing private parts instead of wiping with toilet paper only. 6. It aims to help people who are difficult to bend, turn and reach for cleaning. 
7. More self-sufficient
8. Hygienic Protection
9. Bidet retractable nozzles
10. Self-cleaning
11. Dual Nozzle 
12. 3 Cleaning Mode: Three toilet bidet sprayer modes
13. Private front cleaning for women (gentle and comfortable)
14. Rear cleaning for men and women (cleaning thoroughly)
15. The telescopic nozzle will automatically retract behind the movable protective door to protect personal hygiene and make you feel comfortable.
16. Easy and Fast Installation - No need for plumbers
17. Durability & High-Quality Materials
18. Durable and environmentally friendly ABS materials
19. Metal copper T-shaped adapters
20. Stainless steel cold water braided hoses instead of traditional plastics
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