Shower Handheld Bidet Attachment

Experience ultimate cleanliness with our Handheld Bidet Sprayer, offering two water pressure modes: Jet Spray and Soft Spray, each with adjustable water pressure.

Bidet Attachments
Handheld Bidet Attachments , Adjustable Bidet Attachment

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As more individuals prioritize health, personal hygiene in the bathroom becomes increasingly important. Enhance your wellness journey with a compact handheld bidet sprayer.

We've meticulously sourced top-quality components for our sprayer set, aiming to deliver functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

Two Water Pressure Modes
Our handheld bidet sprayer offers two water pressure modes: Jet Spray and Soft Spray. Easily regulate water pressure using the buttons on the handle for thorough cleanliness and a healthier lifestyle.

Adjustable Water Pressure
Tailor the water stream pressure to your preference with the lever on the T-valve for versatile usage. Avoid unexpected surprises by adjusting the knob to your desired pressure level, ensuring a comfortable experience. Just remember to turn it off afterward!

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