One-handed Chrome Toilet Mounted Handheld Bidet Sprayer

We Provide One-handed Chrome Toilet Mounted Handheld Bidet Sprayer, High-Quality Chrome Toilet Mounted Bidet Sprayers, and Non-electric, Ergonomic Design.

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Detail Information

Chrome toilet-mounted handheld bidet sprayer


1. Chrome Handheld Bidet
2. Non-electric
3. Modern design
4. High Quality
5. Healthy and environmentally friendly materials
6. High-quality brass T-valve and water supply port
7. A nickel plating on the outside instead of the typical plastic
8. Superior quality and peace of mind
9. Multiple uses: a cloth diaper cleaner, pet shower, toilet bowl cleaner, and cleaning and sanitation spray
10. Convenient for pregnant women, menstruating women, people with mobility problems due to surgery, injuries or elderly people
11. Kraft paper box packaging
12. Small portable bidet sprayer for a natural, sustainable clean
13. The sleek and sustainable cleaning solution
14. A refreshing, eco-conscious clean
15. Clean naturally with a gentle jet of fresh water
16. Massively reduce toilet paper consumption
17. For holiday and home use
18. Easy Installation
19. Use it to clean cloth diapers that will greatly reduce the frequency of toilet paper use and disposable diapers
20. One-handed ergonomic design
21. Easier to clean and operate
22. Especially for people with limited mobility due to surgery or injury
23. This excellent cleaning shower sprayer kit makes your bathroom life healthier and more convenient.
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