Dual Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat

Dual Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat Supplier: Round Toilet Bidet Seats, Non-electric, PP and Stainless Steel, Soft-close, Three Modes & Water Flow Control.

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Dual Nozzle Bidet Seats , Round Bidet Seats , Non-electric Bidet Seats

Detail Information

Dual Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat for Round Toilet

Material: PP+ Stainless steel                
Shape: Round                
Color: White                
Dimensions: 443 (L) x 426 (W) x 67.5 (H) mm                
Installation size: 415-429mm X 136-164mm                
Weight: 1.3KG                
Water Supply: T-valve Directly connect with water supply                
Water Supply Pressure request: 0.08-0.8 MPa (11.6-116 PSI)                
Cleaning Spray Flow: 0.5-2.5L/min    

Product details:
1. Multiple washing function
2. Soft-close function
3. Daily hygienic needs
4. Self-cleaning nozzle
5. Dual nozzles cleaning modes
6. Rear & feminine wash
7. Adjustable water pressure
8. Round Bidet Seat
9. Personalized rotation switch mode
10. Self-cleaning mode
11. 5.35-6.46 Inch (13.6-16.4cm) between holes of the toilet
12. 16.34-16.89 Inch (41.5-42.9cm) between bolt holes and the front of the bowl
13. Water pressure: limited to 0.08-0.8mpa (11.6-116)
15. Components: Sturdy POM inlet, stainless steel hose
16. Three Modes & Water Flow Control
17. One knob control
18. Application: For rear wash & feminine spray & stop

1. More comfortable experience
2. Simple installation
3. Affordable price for everyone
4. Clockwise switch of Posterior mode (for men and women), counterclockwise switch of Feminine mode (women's private)
5. No electricity needed, powered by water pressure
6. Slowly and quietly close the lid and seat ring
7. Easy to install
8. Eco-friendly
9. The bidet toilet ring adapt with integrated design, offering a comfortable experience for you
10. Multi-layer surface finishes with higher durability
11. High-quality materials reduce product damage and prevent leakage
12. Seamless Design
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