Slim Mechanical Dual Nozzle Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Introducing our Slim Mechanical Bidet Attachment featuring dual nozzles for optimum cleansing, customizable logo, and a convenient button spray controller for effortless switching. At just 0.19 inches thick, it seamlessly integrates into any bathroom setup, providing both comfort and functionality. Elevate your hygiene experience with our sleek and innovative bidet attachment.

Bidet Attachments
Slim Bidet Attachments , Dual Nozzles Bidet Attachment

Detail Information

Product Features:

Button Spray Controller: Upgrade from knobs to buttons for seamless switching.
Water-Pressure Knob: Easily adjust spray intensity with precision control.
Ultra-Thin Design: At just 0.19 inches thick, it fits seamlessly without lifting your toilet seat.
Nozzle Guard Gate: Concealed nozzles ensure maximum cleanliness and protection.
Easy Installation: No plumber required - install in just 10 minutes.
Ultra-Thin & Durable Design:
Our bidet attachment boasts a slim profile of only 0.19 inches, ensuring stability without raising your toilet seat. It's sturdy too, with a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs.

Adjustable Water-Pressure Knob:
Customize your wash experience with our portable knobs, conveniently located on the sleek black control panel. Simply turn the knob to find your perfect spray intensity. And when you're done, turn it off to prolong the bidet's lifespan.

Why Choose Our Bidet Attachment?

Easy to Use
Adjustable Water Pressure
Saves Toilet Paper
No Electrical Needed
Package Includes:

1 Bidet Attachment
1 Braided Metal Hose
1 Brass T-Adapter
2 Fixing Plates
1 Rubber Washer
Installation Instructions

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