Folding Shower Seat for Seniors

Enhance bathroom accessibility with our Folding Shower Seat designed for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Supporting up to 440lb, this space-saving solution features a durable, waterproof construction. Easily mountable on walls, it offers long-lasting support and convenience for those in need.

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Folding Shower Seats for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Supports up to 440lb
Our Shower Chair for Indoor Use features a reinforced solid base design capable of supporting weights of up to 440lb. With its robust stability and safety features, this Shower Seat is especially crucial for the elderly, pregnant women, or those with limited mobility.

Space-Saving Design
Designed for convenience, our Shower Bench can be easily folded at 90° and tucked away without emitting any noisy sounds. This ensures it remains inconspicuous, reducing the risk of tripping hazards, and optimizing space utilization, making it an ideal choice for small bathrooms or toilets.

Waterproof and Long-lasting
Crafted from durable urea-formaldehyde material with a chrome-plated base, our Foldable Wall-Mounted Shower Bench is rust-proof, waterproof, and colorfast, making it suitable for various environments. Its longevity surpasses that of ordinary wooden stools, requiring no regular maintenance or oiling.

Versatile Applications
Ideal for seniors unable to stand while bathing, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities, and those recovering from injuries, our Fold-Up Wall-Mounted Shower Seat also offers comfort to anyone feeling fatigued during showers. It serves as a thoughtful gift for grandparents, parents, pregnant spouses, and friends recovering from accidents.

Effortless Installation
Our Wall-Mounted Shower Bench comes with detailed installation instructions, allowing for direct installation of the finished product without the need for splicing. Additionally, we offer excellent after-sales service, ensuring a worry-free ordering process.

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