Foldable Shower Seating Solution

Improve shower safety and comfort effortlessly with our Freestanding Folding Shower Seat, perfect for adults, pregnant women, and the elderly. Designed to enhance bathroom accessibility, this seat provides stability and convenience whenever needed.

Bidet Seats
Folding Shower Seat , Wall-mounted Bidet Seat , Bidet Seats for Elderly

Detail Information

This seat alleviates discomfort from prolonged standing, bending, or grooming activities.

Not only does our Shower Seat elevate bathroom aesthetics, but it also offers invaluable support for those with limited mobility. Crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame, it boasts a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, ensuring stability and security.

Designed for convenience, this heavy-duty bench folds effortlessly into a slim profile, minimizing space usage in the shower. Its compact size makes it perfect for small bathrooms or narrow stalls.

With detailed installation instructions provided, mounting this fold-down shower seat is a breeze. Safety is paramount in our design, catering to seniors and individuals in need of extra support. Its wall-mount feature allows for easy folding against the wall, maximizing space when not in use.

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