Foldable Shower Seats with 440 LB Weight Capacity

Enhance your shower experience with our foldable shower seats boasting a weight capacity of 440 LB. Crafted from durable urea-formaldehyde material, these seats offer sturdy support and feature a chrome-plated base for added durability. Their space-saving design ensures efficient use of your bathroom space. Ideal for those seeking both functionality and style in their bathroom accessories.

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Foldable Shower Seats with 440 LB Weight Capacity

Sturdy Support:
Our Shower Chair for Indoor Use features a reinforced solid base design capable of supporting up to 440 LB, ensuring exceptional stability and safety. Especially crucial for the elderly, pregnant women, or individuals with limited mobility.

Space-Saving Design:
Designed to conserve space, our Shower Bench for Indoor Use effortlessly folds away at a 90° angle. Equipped with a noise-absorbing buffer shaft, it operates quietly, reducing the risk of tripping hazards when not in use. An ideal solution for compact bathrooms or toilets.

Waterproof and Long-lasting:
Crafted from durable urea-formaldehyde material with a chrome-plated base, our Foldable Wall-Mounted Shower Bench is resistant to rust, waterproof, and fade-resistant. Its longevity surpasses that of ordinary wooden stools, requiring minimal maintenance and no oiling.

Versatile Utility:
Suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, individuals with disabilities or injuries, as well as anyone seeking comfort during showers, our Fold-Up Wall-Mounted Shower Seat caters to various needs. It's a considerate gift for grandparents, parents, expecting mothers, or friends recovering from injuries.

Easy Installation:
With comprehensive installation instructions provided, our Wall-Mounted Shower Bench can be assembled effortlessly without the need for additional splicing.

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