Customizable New Diamond Bidet Handle

Introducing our latest bidet attachment boasting a customizable diamond-shaped handle, adjustable water pressure, foolproof operation, and DIY installation. Elevate your bathroom experience with our innovative features designed for comfort and convenience.

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Detail Information

Revolutionize your bathroom experience with our latest design featuring a customizable diamond-shaped handle, allowing you to match it to your decor effortlessly. This sleek addition isn't just about aesthetics; it offers adjustable water pressure, foolproof operation, and DIY installation for ultimate convenience.

Key Features:

New diamond-shaped handle: Elevate your bathroom with its elegant and minimalist design, customizable to your preferred color scheme.
Ultra-slim profile: Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, its slender build seamlessly integrates into your bathroom space.
Adjustable nozzle flow: Precision-engineered for optimal comfort, the nozzle's angle and spray area ensure a gentle yet thorough cleanse without any discomfort.
DIY-friendly installation: Simplified installation process makes it accessible to all, ensuring hassle-free setup in no time.

Functional Design at Its Finest:

User-friendly operation: Simple controls make it suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly.

Tailored cleansing:
Buttock washing: Concentrated water flow through five holes ensures thorough removal of residue.
Female hygiene: Specifically crafted to cater to women's needs, providing gentle and comprehensive cleansing, particularly during menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum.
Self-cleaning function: Maintain hygiene effortlessly with regular nozzle cleaning, ensuring a pollution-free experience.

Installation Guide:

Remove the toilet cover.
Unscrew the toilet cover screws.
Center the bidet fixture upon installation, adjusting hole distance via the turntable.
Reattach the toilet cover securely.
Connect the smaller end of the metal pipe to the toilet bowl's water inlet.
Install a copper tee to the shunt, connecting one end to the toilet's water inlet and the other to the bidet's metal pipe.
Complete the installation by closing the angle valve.
Experience the convenience of multifunctionality with effortless operation and unparalleled hygiene standards.

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