Eco-friendly ABS Bidet Attachment

Experience premium hygiene with our bidet attachment, meticulously crafted from eco-friendly ABS material. Designed with a stainless steel T-valve and braided steel cold water hose, our attachment guarantees durability and leak-free performance for your utmost satisfaction.

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Revolutionize your bathroom experience with our premium bidet attachment. Crafted from eco-friendly ABS material, and featuring a stainless steel T-valve and braided steel cold water hose, our high-quality bidet ensures durability and leak-free performance.

Designed for existing toilets, our non-electric bidet boasts dual nozzles with two spray modes: rear cleansing for both men and women and gentle front cleansing for women's intimate care. With an intuitive button design, maintaining hygiene has never been easier or more convenient.

Experience ultimate cleanliness and protection with our retractable nozzle, which automatically retracts behind a protective door after each use. Equipped with a self-cleaning function, our bidet guarantees maximum hygiene and easy maintenance, while its ultra-slim design seamlessly integrates with most bidet toilet seats.

Adjust water pressure effortlessly with our user-friendly control knob, ensuring a comfortable and personalized cleansing experience for users of all ages. Plus, installation is a breeze – simply follow our straightforward instructions to attach the bidet to your toilet in minutes.

Upgrade to our bidet attachment today and enjoy the benefits of superior hygiene, sustainability, and comfort in your daily routine.

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